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J. Kennedy Design

If you have visited St. John, there is a good chance this collection caught your eye as you passed Verace's windows.  This is our most popular collection for obvious reasons.  John Kennedy's work is so truly unique that he has been awarded two U.S. Patents.  Although there are many color combinations to chose from, the most popular ones are the Blue and Green Onyx, Turquoise Agate, and Turquoise Agate and Lavender Onyx.  The Blue and Green Onyx combination remind people of the islands, and the Turquoise Agate, or as it's called on St. John, "St. John Agate" often reminds people of the water at the beautiful beaches St. John has to offer.

Cylettes ® were conceived from the notion that light and color need not be limited to the reflective nature of the traditional faceted stone cuts.  Cylindrical gemstones allow for the transmission of natural light with a deeper and smoother presentation of color. A clear and brilliant departure from what had been accepted as the only way to use and present colored gemstones in fine jewelry. John Kennedy has revolutionized the design of jewelry and gemstones.

John Kennedy has won numerous awards and honors for his innovation and design in precious jewelry. And here we feature one of his most remarkable works using Cylettes ®, or "Cylinders of Color." This ring showcases this new technology using cylinders of tourmaline in four distinct colors: blue, rose, yellow and green. Each stone is separated by a cylinder of 14 karat gold . This centerpiece is mounted over a highly polished canal of 14 karat gold so that light is captured and reflected from every angle. The entire ring is designed in 14 karat gold. The result is dramatic and visually striking.

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