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Please Note Pricing reflects a $450 gold market. Please email for current pricing ($1,100 gold market)

Edward Mirell made with Spectore Brand Titanium©

The Edward Mirell Titanium Collection has quickly become one of our most popular  lines.  Titanium is hypo-allergenic, strong, durable, lightweight, and is worn by men and women alike.  The Edward Mirell Collection includes Gray Titanium, Black Titanium, Gold Accents, and their patented Titanium Cable. We invite you to follow the links above to view some of the Spectore Titanium.  

We have broken down the various categories to suit your specific needs. You can either view all of the items on one page, or narrow it down to your liking to speed up viewing. To see any of the items closer up, simply click on the image.

Please see below for the "Ring for Life" program details.

"Ring For Life"
Lifetime Sizing Program
Because titanium is one of nature's hardest and strongest elements, you can rest assured that your new titanium ring purchase will continue to provide you comfort and enjoyment for your entire lifetimes.  By choosing a titanium ring you've selected the industry's new standard for excellence.  By choosing a Spectore brand titanium ring, you've selected and eternal classic, noted for it's enduring styling, quality craftsmanship and exclusive Lifetime Sizing Policy.
At the  time of purchase of your new Spectore brand titanium ring, simply complete the "Ring for Life" registration card provided by your authorized retailer.  Then relax, knowing that no matter how much your finger size changes over time, our Lifetime Sizing program will insure that your titanium ring will always fit comfortably.  Should you ever find your titanium ring to be too large or too tight due to fluctuation in finger size, simply return it to any authorized retailer.  Our program will provide a replacement ring promptly and in your correct adjusted size.
Rules and Regulations
Registration card must be filled out completely at the time of purchase and properly filed with authorized retailer.  Lifetime sizing policy shall only apply to the original registered purchaser and is not transferable.  Each ring exchange shall incur a charge of $50 (fifty dollars) to cover restocking/refurbishing fees, plus $15 (fifteen dollars) for shipping and handling.  All payments shall be due and payable to authorized retailer at time of exchange.  Retailer conditions may  apply.  Every effort shall be made to complete the exchange as quickly as possible; however, purchaser should allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.  There shall be no limit on the number of exchanges during the program; however, it shall be left to the discretion of Spectore Corporation and the authorized retailer to determine cases of misconduct or abuse.  Any fraudulent claims or misrepresentation by purchaser shall immediately void all program rights for said purchaser.  Spectore Corporation reserves the right to substitute any ring in the unlikely event that a style is no longer produced.  Any substitution shall be of equal or greater value than the original.  Exchanges containing non-titanium materials, such as 18k gold or precious stones, shall be with the condition that such materials are intact and of the same condition and quality as originally sold.  Spectore agrees to reuse the material to rebuild customer ring to proper fit or to replace entire ring with a new ring of equal value and quality.  Spectore reserves the right to amend or discontinue this program at any time without notice.  To use the lifetime sizing policy, simply contact the authorized retailer listed on the front of registration card, or contact Spectore for the nearest authorized retailer.  



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